Our History

The Origins: Marvin

“MARVIN is an industry specialized in pharmaceutical production that has made a name for itself for its work over the years. Its medicinal specialties, known in Italy and abroad, include a wide range of the most important active ingredients used in modern therapy. Taking advantage of these factors and making the most of its highly scientific technological experience, which is an essential aspect of its organization, MARVIN decided approximately ten years ago to devote part of its energies to a new area: cosmetology”.
An excerpt from the historic leaflet: “Marvin Cosmetics at the Service of Beauty”, 1970

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Marvin’s Medicinal Specialties

LabSolue is based on the origins of Marvin, “Società per l’Industria Farmaceutica e Cosmetica Istituto Farmaco-Biologo”, the family’s historic cosmetic brand established in 1945 by Vincenzo Martone, an Oscar winning chemist in 1969 for cosmetics discoveries.