Our Laboratory

The Exclusive Perfume Laboratory

A love for perfumes and art has compelled sisters Giorgia and Ambra Martone to create the new Perfume Laboratory LabSolue.
This unique place that celebrates and recalls our origin is the “Genius Loci” of the Tortona area in Milan, which has always been the home of laboratories and factories and, in this particular instance, is where the Martone family’s
historic perfume factory once stood.
This Perfume Laboratory – inside the world’s first Hotel à Parfum – on the private Via Forcella street is a magical place where one can breathe in history and creativity. Today it extends its “fragrant roots” to the heart of the historical center of Rome on Via di Monserrato, another enchanting address where one can leisurely browse, smell and touch raw materials and learn everything about the art of perfume-making.
This dream interprets a prestigious past composed of emotions, talent and artisan savoir-faire for a new sensorial experience


Talent and Artisan Savoir-Faire

LabSolue, a fictitious name that celebrates the union between Laboratory and Absolue, is born, on the Marvin’s origins, adding a new olfactive dimension to the art of the antique pharmacy and its remarkable sense of beauty.
Elegant wood cabinets inspired by the memorable pharmaceutical laboratory of Marvin and innovative “Olfactive Islands” are the distinctive elements of the Perfume Laboratory.

Milano, Via Forcella 8

ph. +39 02 8338371
Opening times: from Tuesday to Saturday
from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 19:00


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Roma, Via di Monserrato 42

ph. +39 06 45776790
Opening times: from Tuesday to Saturday
from 10:30 to 19:30